Custom Design

Luxima Technology has extensive experience in custom CMOS sensor design and mixed signal data converters. At Luxima, we understand that each customer's application needs are different and that the optimum solution requires detailed understanding of the different technical parameters required by the application.

Our engineers will work with you to have an in-depth understanding of your technical challenges, whether it is pixel sensitivity, readout noise performance, frame rate, size requirements or power consumption.

We have extensive design experience in different types of readout architectures, from pure analog readout to full-on analog-to-digital conversion and LVDS outputs with PLL on-chip. The wealth of design experience and specific know-how has enabled us to come up with innovative design techniques to solve specific sensor requirements.

We engage our customers closely in each step of the design phase from design specification, mid-cycle design reviews to device characterization. From our experience, it has shown that working with our customers closely has enabled us to deliver a device that meets or exceeds their expecations with a quick time-to-market.

If you find that your application needs are not being met, we can work together to find an innovative and optimum solution to the challenging needs of your application. Feel free to contact us.